Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Heavensent is an exclusive brand that offers a wide selection of fashionable garments. Thanks to our detailed agreement, you may read about our services and your rights in detail below. All content provided below is owned and operated by the Heavensent website, and its terms and conditions are subject to change. The rule protects retailers against unreasonable consumers and helps them clarify what is and isn’t acceptable behavior in their establishments.

Responsible Use and Conduct

The adoption of these principles within the context of your services and legislation is entirely your responsibility. These are the rules:

● Please note that we will need you to fill out some personal information on our website before proceeding with the contract processing. You’re liable for providing correct information, and we’re here to help you after that if you need it.

● It is your responsibility to safeguard your account information, which we are using to track customer purchases and keep up with the hottest trends in apparel.

● We do not allow you to have uncontrolled access to our resources in any way.

● We will respond swiftly to any discovered commercial or unauthorized usage of our photographs.

Losses and Damages While Shipping

The following are our policies in case our goods are lost or damaged in transit:

● Contact us within 7 days of discovering any damage so we can document it.

● Contact us if your shipment hasn’t arrived within 14 days.

Transporter and Shipment

● Unless otherwise stated, transportation is an extra cost.

● At checkout, the entire price will be shown in the shopping cart.

● The buyer is responsible for paying any additional shipping charges incurred beyond the delivery region.

● Typically, packing costs are not considered. However, there will be a surcharge for special packagings, such as pallets.

Digital Catalogs

● Our catalogs, price lists, and other advertising material should be interpreted as a binding offer to sell or a contract to buy the products shown therein.

● Our intellectual property safeguards others’ usage of our designs, drawings, and blueprints.

● Our organization has the right to make adjustments to the design, specs, and patterns at any time before the acceptance of the buyer’s purchase.

Refunds and Cancellations

The clothes you buy from us will remain fashionable for many seasons. We take care to tailor our services and creations to your specific needs. We understand that there will be moments when our items fall short of your standards. Please study our standards for refunds, reorders, returns, and exchanges to protect yourself in this case.

● Policy for cancelation or modification of your purchase: Within 14 days of receiving the bills, please contact our support if an exchange is necessary. Our team is prepared to help in every way possible.

● Within 3 days of receipt, if you cannot return your order, we will provide you a voucher for future purchases.

● Only cancellations made during the preceding 24 hours from delivery will be honored. After that point, you’ll have to pay us a set fee each hour.